Christmas Light Tour

Christmas-light-tour: Christmas time is a time of cheer, to rent a limo bus and have a beer! Your limo transportation service is a great way to do events. From corporate brew tours to dinner for two. See how far Christmas has come, a small little tree with candles glowing, to the world's largest Lego Christmas tree with electric colorful lights. Now is the time, you've never see San Diego so bright when you rent a party bus to take the whole family caroling tonight. Travel safely from Chula Vista's Candy Cane Lane to Coronado homes decorated to the nines in our Christmas light tour bus this holiday season. What about a romantic ride for two in luxury limousines down Jingle Bell Hill on Pepper Drive or a fun get together in a Entertainer coach that fix up to 50 passengers for a un drive to see Bob's Christmas Wonderland in La Mesa. Don't forget all the things you can do, like see Shamu's Holiday Show or play with the Wild Animals at the San Diego Zoo. Our shuttle bus we will take pick you up with care and take you too see light almost anywhere. Rent our charter bus to see homes and hotel all cover with joy, as the twinkling light, and Christmas d?cor cover this city at this time of year, helping bring everyone holiday cheer.

When you have decided which vehicle for your Christmas Light Tour another consideration may be your budget; we offer a wide selection of affordable rentals. We provide a premium service combined with guaranteed cheap rates, daily specials and monthly discounts like our free hour coupons. We have some of the best over all prices in San Diego for all groups including the military, employee unions, students and seniors. For those interested we also feature discount gift certificates that are great for fundraiser and charity donations.