Halloween: It comes but once a year, it's Halloween time in San Diego. It's just one day October 31st. Leading up to a night of trick-or-treating there are bonfires on the beach, parties, and haunted attractions all over SD County. Don't just sit at home waiting for the ghouls to come out, rent our limo bus to your costume party. Start your night of terror with a luxury limousine ride to the historical haunts in what may be believed to be the most haunted city in the United States. You can relax in a limo to Old Town till you arrive at The Whaley House where you may hear the sound of laughter in the music room and cry from an upstairs bedroom where the death of 17-month-old Thomas Whaley died. Then our Shuttle Bus will safely take you to the Horton Grand Hotel where room 309 is haunted by a man who was murdered when caught cheating in a game of cards. If you prefer the sea life our All Hallows Eve tour bus can take you to the Point Loma Lighthouse. Your drive to the Lighthouse is a sad one as you go through Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery the nation's largest military cemetery. When you get to your destination it's not so welcoming in it was abandoned over 100 years ago and yet you can still hear the sounds of the former lighthouse keeper Robert Israel walking about or the low moans of his ghost sad that he can no longer perform his tasks. Don't forget to step onto the Star of India where you can sometimes feel the cold hand of a teen stowaway who died after falling 100 feet to the deck. This month isn't all about the spirits that have not left this world, take a party buy to the Halloween Ball at the Prado in Balboa Park. You can also take the family in our Charter bus to see have many theme parks have dressed up for the Halloween season.

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