Sweet 16

A Sweet 16 party is a birthday party celebrating the 16th birthday of a girl and marks womanhood. A Sweet 16 can be very formal, semi-formal, or casual. We offer a wide selection of luxury limo buses and affordable limousines for Sweet 16 parties.

Sweet 16 parties can range from a house party to large affairs with hired DJ's, makeup artists, formal dresses, and extravagant themes. Break the mold and book the best entertainer coach from our San Diego limousine bus company. In our charter bus rentals, you'll get premium service, state of the art sound system, glow up dance poles, televisions, wrap around lounge seating, and out of this wold light effects. We also carry formal shuttle buses. Who needs a house party when you've got a scenic tour bus for you and all your friends with the capacity for 20, 30, even up to 48 passengers? Our party buses can also be used to transport guests to your venue for the Sweet 16 party. Turn heads when you roll up in our new Cadillac Escalade limo. Large and formal Sweet 16's are featured on MTV's TV show, My Super Sweet 16.
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When you have decided which vehicle for your Sweet 16 another consideration may be your budget; we offer a wide selection of affordable rentals. We provide a premium service combined with guaranteed cheap rates, daily specials and monthly discounts like our free hour coupons. We have some of the best over all prices in San Diego for all groups including the military, employee unions, students, and seniors. For those interested, we also feature discount gift certificates that are great for fundraiser and charity donations.